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La Lista 2012 (Canciones, pt.1)

Les presentamos la primera parte de nuestras 54 canciones predilectas de 2012. Algunas las hemos estado escuchando desde hace mucho tiempo y otras se fueron agregando poco antes de elaborar esta lista, pero las queremos a todas por igual ya que reflejan como ha sido el año musicalmente. Esta entrega cubre desde A (de About To Die) a la M (de Motion Sickness)...

1. About To Die – Dirty Projectors
"Where would I ever be without you?/
How could I hope to seize the tablet of values and redact it?"

2. All of Me – Tanlines
"Pardon me for asking, pardon me for thinking/ 
All of me is asking, all of me is thinking"

3. All The Rowboats - Regina Spektor
"Masterpieces serving maximum sentences/
It's their own fault for being timeless/
There's a price you pay and a consequence"

4. Answer Song – St. Etienne
"And I know when I make up my mind/
Then I've made up my mind/
When I do/ I'll not waver"

5. Bacán tu Casa – Gepe

"La manera más sencilla de llegar hasta la orilla es nunca dejar de nadar/Si tu casa es una isla que se ve desde esta orilla, nunca dejo de nadar"

6. Bad Girls - M.I.A.
"Live fast, die young/ Bad girls do it well"

7. Big Bright World – Garbage
"So magnify the best inside me/Build the parts that you can’t find me/
The parts that won’t give out when things get hard"

8. Blue Jeans - Lana del Rey
"I told you that no matter what you did I'd be by your side/
Cause I'mma ride or die, whether you fail or fly/
Well shit, at least you tried"

9. Brains – Lower Dens

"Do you believe/ 
No one is waiting/ Brains without names"

10. Cangaroo Court – Capital Cities

“I commit the crime of wasting time/ Always trying to rhyme, yes, I am guilty”

11. Cherokee – Cat Power

"Never knew love like this/ The sun, the sea you and I/
Never knew pain, never knew shame/ Now I know why"

12. Circumambient – Grimes

"Oh baby I can't say/ That everything is okay
And I have a problem/ And I don't know where to start from"

13. Colombo – Astro
"Ojalá se queden/ Y que no se vayan/
Y que no se vayan, oh (bis)/ 
Que se queden aquí hasta que revienten mi cabeza"

14. Comeback Kid - Sleigh Bells

"I know you tried so hard, but you can't even win/
You gotta try a little harder, you're the comeback kid" 

15. Constant ConversationsPassion Pit

"There's a very obvious difference/ And it's that one of us can think
If there is a bump in the road yeah you'd fix it/
But for me I'll just go on off the road"

16. Cough Cough - Everything Everything

"And that Eureka moment hits you like a cop car!/
And you wake up just head and shoulders in a glass jar!"

17. Dinamita Show – La Reina Morsa

"Te aconsejo estar conmigo siempre alerta/
Vamos a explotar, juntos somos pura dinamita"

18. Disparate Youth – Santigold

"Oh, we set our dreams to carry us/ If they don’t fly we will run"

19. Everything is Embarrassing - Sky Ferreira
"I've been hating everything/ Everything that could have been/
Could have been my anything/ Now everything's embarrassing"

20. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards – Tame Impala

"I know that you think you sound silly when you call my name/
But I hear it inside my head all day/
Then I realize I'm just holding on to the hope that maybe your feelings don't show"

21. Fineshrine – Purity Ring

"My little ribs around you/
The rungs of me be under, under you"

22. Five Seconds – Twin Shadow
"That's no way to get it on I don't know why/
But I'm not trying to make you cry"

23. Gasoline – ALPINE

"There's a light I've found in your eyes/
That I've never found in mine"

24. Get A Job - Gossip
"What kind of life is it, when everyday’s a weekend/
How quickly we forget when I’m at work you’re sleeping in"

25. Half Gate – Grizzly Bear
"But honestly it's fine/When I mention how I love you/
It's all I do, even as I stray"

26. Idle Talk – iamamiwhoami

"You’re not like anyone I’ve known/ With you, I flourish into greatness"

27. Incendié - Camila Moreno

"La sangre en el puerto ruge como los barcos/
las llamas del amor ya no me llaman"

28. Little Girl - Spiritualized

"Sometimes your world's so full of pain/
You get so hurt inside, but dry your eyes"

29. Monoliths – Lotus Plaza

"There's no world/ and no God/ and no hate/ and no fun/
and no faith, and no God, it's just me, getting high"

30. Motion Sickness - Hot Chip
"Remember when we both first felt the world is sound, the world is sound?/ 
Remember when we both first heard the wall of sound, the wall of sound?"

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